There is no dearth of variety
In our search for order,
The beauty of human diversity,
We perceive as chaos and disorder.

It starts with the body,
Sex, colour and build;
Then we get inside the head,
Culture, ideology and even sexuality.

The virus of man-made labels;
Has reached epidemic proportions,
Having caused more human deaths
Than diseases and natural disasters.

Religion and nationality,
May be the worst of the lot;
Having the dubious distinction,
Of the highest mortality rate.

The disease has many symptoms;
With pride being the most common,
An intangible measure of human vanity
That has brought untold damage to humanity.


Like rainbow in the sky
On a cloudless, sunny morning;
Thank you for bringing incredible joy
To my life everyday.

Ride a wave

Go ride a wave
You can't fight the tide
Learn to surf instead


Feeling of sheer bliss
After a hard days work
Melting in your arms

Holier than thou

High standards, low tolerance
Inflated pride, devoid of empathy
Preaching piety, empty soul

Keep it burning

Keep the fire burning
You can't dream of achieving
Your ambition without passion

Wheat from chaff

Like wheat from chaff
Hardwork yields success from talent
Talk less, do more